July 6, 2018

Say Hello to Lita!


Lita is the culmination of over a year’s worth of work. We took our original app Meal Plan and refined the core idea and updated the visuals to feel more at home in iOS 11.

It’s a collection of Filibaba’s previous work and at the same time a new foundation for us to continue to grow on. It’s where we’re putting basically all of our focus going forward.

We’re figuring this out as we go and we are really looking forward to hearing what people, specifically you, say about Lita. :)

What’s for Dinner?

Stressing about what to cook for dinner is something many families do, us included. Planning your meals on a weekly basis helps alleviate that stress greatly. It’s also easier to eat healthy and save money if you plan your meals, as opposed to improvising on a daily basis. Lita, which is Swedish for trust, helps you plan tasty meals that are good for both you and our planet.


Planning your meals also makes grocery shopping significantly easier and faster. Lita will help you here too by compiling a shopping list based on your planned meals.


Lita includes over 400 exclusive recipes that you won’t find by googling. All recipes in Lita are vegetarian or fully plant-based and developed by famous Swedish veggie chefs such as Very Veggie and Vegourmet.

Give Lita a Try

Lita is free to use for as long as you’d like. Lita Premium gives full access to all recipes and meal plans.