February 25, 2019

Plantry 2.8

Realized I’ve been terrible at promoting my own work. Last post mentioning my app was in October.

Anyways, Lita has been renamed to drumroll Plantry! A bit more international, a bit more playful and on the nose. It’s about plants. And plans. And trying new foods!

Version 2.8 is waiting for review as we speak. Since version 2.3 — which is the last version I blogged about — we’ve introduced a way of manually picking any recipe you want for a plan, instead of just shuffling. We’ve also added a nice shopping list (I want to do a dedicated post about some of the interactions there someday). You can also mark recipe steps as done now. And of course there’s a ton of other new features and improvements.

I’m really happy about the pace we’ve been able to keep since 2.0. Looking forward to showing you the rest of our roadmap!

In the mean time, you can check out the Plantry website. Kudos to my co-founder Max for a great job with the website.

Download the app and take it for a spin! :D And please let us know in an App Store review how much you love it!