April 11, 2015

Speaking of Podcasts

That last post made me want to do a post similar to what Stefan Laketa has done and write a more comprehensive list of the podcasts I currently listen to. Mainly for my own sake to look back at in a year or so and see how the list has changed.

Here we go, in order they currently appear in my podcast app:

  • A Responsive Web Design Podcast — I’ll be honest. I haven’t actually listend to an episode of this show yet. It’s my latest subscription. But I hope to get through an episode or two this weekend. Seems like Ethan Marcote should now what he’s talking about.

  • The Changelog — Interviews with people who make cool open source stuff. There is some really good ones in the backlog. One of these podcasts that I don’t listen to every episode of, since Ruby and a few other technologies don’t really interest me that much. I did listen to the episode with DHH, though. That was a good one.

  • Core Intuition — One of my favorites. Daniel Jalkut and Manton Reece talk Apple, programming and related technologies. Subhour episodes make this show nice to listen to in one go during commutes and similar. Recommended listening for all iOS/Mac developers. One of my prioritized podcasts.

  • Design Details — See that last post. One of my prioritized podcasts.

  • The Incomparable — Love this show, at times hilarous. A panel hosted by Jason Snell talk about all things “sci-fi”. Books, comics, movies, tv shows etc. I highly recommend listening to the shows about the Star Wars prequels (hilarous) and the game show episodes. John Siracusa is sometimes on this show and I love that guy. One of my prioritized podcasts.

  • NodeUp — To be quite honest this podcast has dropped significantly in quality since Daniel Shaw stopped hosting it. No offence to the current host, but I feel like both the flow of the show and the quality of hte interviews have degraded to a point where I’ve considered to delete my subscriptions. Which is too bad because it used to be a really great show about the state of node and what not. Maybe Node has matured enough that that kind of show isn’t really needed anymore. Still some interesting episodes from time to time though, might still be worth it if you like Node.js.

  • The Path To Performance — A show about performance on the web. Only one episode so far. Not convinced I’ll continue to listen yet. The first interview didn’t really struck a chord with me and one of the hosts really really need to get a decent mic. Giving it a few more episodes before I reach a verdict.

  • The Rebound — A podcast featuring three privileged white guys talking about tech focused on Apple. They’re kinda funny though so it is actually one of the podcasts that I listen to right when an episode drops.

  • Three Moves Ahead — The only game related podcast I’m currently listening to. A panel of hosts talk about war and strategy games. Very smart and insightful discussions and a great substitute for playing yourself if you’re tight on time.

  • Upgrade — Previously mentioned Jason Snell and Myke Hurley talk tech and Apple. I think this might actually be my least favorite tech podcast. For no particular reason. And I’m considering cutting it from my subscription list. Not because it’s bad, but because I’ve got so many other similar shows that I like better.

  • The Web Ahead — Fantastic show about web design and web development hosted by the brilliant Jen Simmons. Smart people talk about the latest and greatest in web development but also some stuff relevant to people in the business. Recommended if you do any HTML or CSS at all.

  • Accidental Tech Podcast — Yet another podcast featuring three privileged white guys talking about tech focused on Apple. Smart discussions and interesting (to me) topics. High production value. One of my prioritized podcasts. Also John Siracusa.

  • Debug — My actual favorite podcast. Currently at 60 episodes but the entire back catalog is worth a listen if you are so inclined. Lots of interviews with previous Apple people (not only). Lots of history on older Apple technology from a technical perspective. The Nitin Ganatra Trilogy is fantastic. The episode with Don Melton on Safari is also pure gold. I could probably list every episode of the show in here. Also I think I might have a guy crush on Guy English.

  • The Flop House — Three guys watch a bad movie and then talk about it. Sounds stupid and dumb. And it is. For sure. But it’s also hilarous. This podcast is probably the one who’s made me laugh out loud on public transportation the most. If you need some humor in your ears, this is the one to get.

  • Inqusitive — Previously “CMD+Space”, a show where Myke Hurly interviewed developers/designers etc about their apps and creations. Currently it’s a series called “Behind the App” where the history of the App Store is told using interviews with app developers. Super high production value, very good. Sorely missing female voices though.

  • Iterate — Rene Ritchie (also on Debug) and a panel of designers talk to guests about design. One of the shows I occasionally listen to but sometimes skip.

  • Kodsnack — My only Swedish podcast at the moment. Great discussions on programming related topics.

  • The Talk Show With John GruberJohn Gruber of Daring Fireball invites a guest to talk about Apple news and sometimes unfortunately baseball. Good discussions happen.

  • Welcome to Macintosh — New show also related to Apple, but more about the companies history and personalities related to it. Very very good show. Only three episodes so far, you should really listen!

Honorary mentions

Shows that are over or on hiatus but whose back catalogs are amazing and still relevant.

  • Serial — You’ve probably heard of it. A podcast more in the story telling genre. A journalist deep dives in to a murder case from 1999. Interviews with the allegded murderer and other people tells the story of a strangled girl and the detective work and the trials etc. Highest production value of them all. Well worth a listen. More of a documentary style audio book then a podcast.

  • The Record“The Record brings you the stories you should know about the Mac and Cocoa development community.” In person interviews with notorious Mac developers. Season one tells the story about Seatle before the iPhone, where a lot of the Mac development is focused. I’m really hoping there will be a season two.

  • Bitsplitting — On “hiatus”. Including it anyway because it’s back catalog of 10 episodes is fantastic! “Daniel Jalkut conducts interviews with people from the greater tech industry, with an emphasis on personal backgrounds and how each guest’s philosophies have affected the arcs of their careers.”