April 9, 2015

Design Details

Just wanted to write a quick post about one of my new favorite podcasts: Design Details! In which Brian Lovin and Bryn Jackson sit down and talk to fantastic designers. About design and life and what not. I’m not a designer myself, but it’s really enlightening to hear smart people talk about the subject.

What makes this show special is that all interviews are done in person. Which I believe adds another dimension to the show, compared to podcasts where the interview is conducted over Skype or similar. I think they do a great job of capturing that “intimacy” that occur when you have an in-person conversation. Plus they are all pretty smart! Not dummies, as they’d say in one of my other favorite podcasts.

So, you should totally go subscribe in your podcast player of choice, if you are so inclined. I started out at episode ten and have yet to go through the backlog. But I’m gonna!

Bonus points for super catchy theme song.